From pv magazine Australia Australia’s green energy and hydrogen project and possibly the world’s largest, the 26 GW, $ 50 billion Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) planned for the Pilbara region of Australia- Occidentale was granted Major Project status by the Commonwealth of Nations last year; last week it wasRead More →

June 17, 2021 A biologist from RUDN University studied the aggressive effect of environmental factors, such as ozone, salts and water, on Ultrafine nanofibers of biopolymers. The RUDN University biologist studied the aggressive impact of environmental factors (water, salts and ozone) on ultrafine nanofibers of biopolymers. The results will helpRead More →

Prof. Cindy Kao, Design and Environmental Analysis, expands her lab’s research into technology and design to raise Ithaca’s young girls, and Prof. K. Max Zhang, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, redefines the boundaries of technology and energy. In all STEM fields, the two researchers are breaking down barriers and engaging localRead More →

Westminster College’s Center for the Environment launches its series of summer educational programs with “Forest Therapy: Science Fact or Fiction?” at 9 a.m. Saturday at the college’s outdoor field station located at 937 Fayette-New Wilmington Road in New Wilmington. Participants will walk through the field station while learning about theRead More →

The ability to precisely control processing rates and achieve energy savings has generalized the application of frequency converters (VFDs) and they are increasingly applied to loads in harsh environments. As with many electronic devices, environmental conditions can be a key factor in durability and reliability; temperature, humidity, shock and vibration,Read More →

Associate Professor Ken tachibana, reveals how prenatal exposure to ambient fine particles disrupts DNA methylation and subsequent gene expression in fetal development Human and animal epidemiological studies indicate that nutrition and environmental stimuli during prenatal and postnatal mammalian development influence developmental pathways and thus induce permanent changes in metabolism andRead More →