Brooklyn Miniature Golf Course Tackles Big Environmental Issues

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Many New Yorkers are grappling with issues of flooding, climate change and recycling; now, a miniature golf course on Brooklyn’s waterfront challenges people to play and consider environmental issues.

Green is part of the Domino Park development in Williamsburg on North 1st Street near Kent Avenue. The 18-hole course is open for the season.

The greens were created by community partners, from designers to students and environmental advocates. There is a hole with a windmill, and it offers information about the renewable energy industry in the state. Try to score around the pile of oysters and learn about the river restoration project.

The course looks at some of the issues and opportunities presented at that time, said general manager Michael Lampariello.

“Climate change is a complicated and difficult topic and we thought breaking it down was a great way to explain the idea,” says Lampariello.

Two Trees is the company developing the area, which includes residential, commercial and recreational areas. A portion of the proceeds are donated to local groups working on climate change issues.