COP27 to stress the importance of integrating environmental issues into educational programs: Min.

Egyptian Minister of the Environment Dr. Yasmine Fouad – DOSSIER

CAIRO – December 22, 2021: The integration of environmental issues into educational programs will be one of the topics to be addressed at the COP27 to be held in Egypt in November 2022.

According to the Egyptian Minister of the Environment, Dr Yasmine Fouad, one of the most important steps to integrate the environment into education and the preparedness mechanism is to organize a special session to integrate the dimensions of climate change in university education programs, which is one of the new topics to be presented in climate conferences.

She added that the conference will also highlight the measures taken by Egypt to integrate the dimensions of climate change into the education curricula, including the cooperation protocol between the two ministries of the environment and education. higher education to integrate environmental issues, including climate change, into students’ graduation projects.

Environment Minister Dr. Yasmine Fouad confirmed that one of the most important topics that will be raised during the sessions of the conference to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh next year is the integration of concepts environmental issues in educational programs.