Environmental Education by Dr. Yasam Ayavefe

With the help of environmental education, we can better understand the natural and built ecosystems in which we live. Environmental education strives to draw attention to the environmental issues that affect us all, as well as the actions we can take to improve and maintain environmental sustainability.

Rather than learning facts, students are inspired to conduct their own studies and come to their own conclusions about complex issues. For children, getting to know their surroundings can help them develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. It teaches children the importance of protecting the environment and provides them with the tools they need to live more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles.

Dr Yasam Ayavefe – A convinced environmentalist

We spoke about this with Dr. Yaşam Ayavefe, a prominent international businessman and philanthropist who has so far supported many environmental projects.

Initially, Dr. Ayavefe said he believed that “true environmental awareness is produced by a solid understanding of education” and that he will establish a new educational approach that will span from kindergarten to middle school.
Ayavefe added:

“Many scholars around the world believe that education is the most effective instrument to improve the world, hence the need to recognize the importance of environmental education. We need to educate the public about the negative impact of environmental destruction.

We asked him if he believed that environmental education is adequately addressed in today’s school system;

“I think that in recent times a number of educational institutions have taken the initiative to teach students how human activities affect the natural environment in both practical and theoretical ways. But, in my opinion, there is still a lot of room to integrate environmental education into the regular school curriculum. For example, every school should teach future generations how to develop sustainable behaviors such as recycling and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Ayavefe concluded our conversation with the following observation.

“There is a strong agreement in the societal structure that we owe it to future generations to leave behind a better world. Given that our children will inherit our earth, it seems that the most effective strategy to ensure a cleaner and healthier planet is to equip today’s young people with the knowledge and leadership qualities necessary to manage future problems. environmental.”

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