Environmental factors are the most common reason for electric vehicle buyers

Environmental and sustainability considerations have a greater influence on buyers who choose an electric or hybrid car than the potential savings in running costs.

According to an eBay Motors Group study, the latest Consumer Insight Panel survey of 2,000 used car buyers in the market found that almost half (49%) expect their next vehicle to be electric or hybrid.

Of these, three-quarters cited environmental factors for their choice, while the rest wanted to reduce their running costs.

The move to hybrid and electric is driven primarily by gasoline users, showing that diesel retains a role for those concerned about range.

Reducing the carbon footprint emerged as the most compelling reason for 46% of buyers and the dominant reason regardless of gender or age.

Reduced emissions accounted for 29% of buyers and are split evenly by gender, peaking at 37% of buyers aged 18-24.

Cost savings accounted for 26% of consumers, attracting male buyers (27%) more than female buyers (23%). It is also preferred by drivers over 25, reaching 31% for 55-64 year olds.

Only 10% of buyers admitted having no interest in the dealer’s green credentials.

Almost one in two buyers (46%) said they were more likely to buy or recommend a dealer taking active steps to improve their sustainability. This message was especially strong among buyers between the ages of 18 and 34.

“We are moving away from ICE powered cars for the time being,” said Dermot Kelleher, head of marketing and research at eBay Motors Group.

“Research also identifies the need for dealers to take a larger advisory role, with 21% of buyers saying dealers are able to help them understand the impact of buying an EV over others. lifestyle changes they could make.

“The ability of dealers to demonstrate that they are taking proactive steps to address environmental and sustainability issues and to communicate their actions online and in the showroom will resonate with buyers,” he said. .