Environmental Factors Should Be Considered When Buying a Commercial Freezer

As the technique of manufacturing refrigeration has developed, new research and innovative designs are helping commercial refrigerators and freezers improve to provide users with a quality experience, especially in that they have taken a more environmentally friendly approach, changing the use of freon gas and some consumables for new types of refrigeration appliances can reduce pollution problems and energy consumption, which can also help you to save money. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying your first commercial freezer or considering replacing your old one, learning the knowledge below can make you a savvy buyer.

Previous version Commercial freezers are not environmentally friendly

It goes without saying that commercial freezers and cooling appliances are the energy-intensive equipment. More importantly, older models of commercial refrigeration units have negative environmental impacts caused by the use of older standard refrigerants such as R404A, R11A, R134A.

In some manufacturers with new technologies, CFC-free coolants R404A are used, it has ozone-friendly characteristics. Why CFC-free R404A is important, and commercial freezers with this type of refrigerant are strongly introduced. Some of the negative effects of using R404A, as well as the benefits of not using it are:

Disadvantages of using R404A

  • More running costs due to high power consumption.
  • High carbon emissions cause significant effects of global warming.

Advantages of R290A

  • Less energy consumption can help reduce business expenses, i.e. make more profit.
  • Helps reduce carbon emissions.

Important Features of New Refrigeration Models

Another favorable feature of new refrigeration models is the use of LED lighting fixtures. Many new refrigeration units are equipped with dual LED interior lighting which provides high brightness and energy efficiency. There are some reasons why we should use LEDs to replace older types of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

Save costs

Spends less money on electricity bill, 15% less consumption than older types of lights. This can help to significantly reduce energy consumption and greatly reduce the stress on social use of electricity.

Longer life

Increased bulb life for long lasting uses, with a new model fridge or freezer you can use it without having to replace the LED within a decade. From the difference in lifespan between LED bulb (50,000 hours lifespan) and incandescent bulbs (750 hours lifespan), the advantage of using LED bulbs is significant.

New refrigeration models are also built with higher thermal insulation performance, triple foam insulation material is used. It means your commercial freezer comes with less cold air loss design, it also indicates that your units don’t need to consume much power to maintain the low temperature to keep your food in good condition .

Sustainable compliance with environmental standards

Sustainability is an essential concept and attitude that refrigeration manufacturers adopt to provide continued use of innovative refrigeration products without any negative impact on the environment. The primary consideration is to optimize manufacturing techniques for low energy consumption, possibly minimizing environmental impact and reducing emissions.

As manufacturing processes and R&D technology have improved, performance and durability are becoming more and more reliable. By extending the life of commercial refrigerators and freezers, it means fewer appliances are prematurely scraped to reduce the stress of environmental issues. This helps companies to extend their reinvestment cycle in commercial refrigeration equipment, it is an ambitious goal to develop especially when combined with optimized efficiency.

With improved manufacturing processes and advanced technology, reliability and durability are increased. Extending the life of equipment means fewer units are prematurely sent for scrap (or recycled depending on the materials). This offers companies the opportunity to recoup their initial investment over the life of the equipment; a goal within reach especially when combined with increased efficiency.

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