India is lectured, put under pressure on environmental issues by developed countries: PM

India is the only country that is on track to meet the Paris Agreement goals ahead of time and yet it is being “lectured” on environmental issues and under a lot of pressure from developed countries. , who still maintain a colonial mentality, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. said Friday.

This is the first time that the Prime Minister has spoken on the issue since the conclusion of the United Nations COP26 summit on November 13.

Addressing an event hosted by the Supreme Court on Constitution Day, Modi said a colonial mindset still exists and these forces are putting obstacles in the way of growth for developing countries.

He said the latest example of this mentality was seen at the recently concluded international climate conference, COP 26, in Glasgow, where the environmental issue was “hijacked” by developed countries.

“We can see these days that attempts are being made to hijack the issue of the environment. A few weeks ago, at the COP26 summit, we saw a living example of this. If we talk about absolute cumulative emissions, since 1850 the nations have collectively caused 15 times more emissions than India.

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“If we talk about the per capita basis, developed countries caused 15% more emissions than India. The absolute cumulative emissions of the United States and the European Union together are 11 times higher than those of India. conservation ”, declared the Prime Minister.

He said India has lived with nature rooted in its tradition, where God is seen even in plants, where the earth is worshiped as the mother, adding that these values ​​are not limited to books.

Modi also pointed out that the country’s biodiversity is constantly improving with the increase in the population of lions, tigers and dolphins.

“Today, there is a continuous improvement in the biodiversity of India. The numbers of lions, tigers and dolphins are increasing, forest cover is increasing, land degradation is decreasing …”, he said. he declares.

The Constitution is the greatest force to remove the obstacles created by the colonial mentality, Modi added.

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