Mongabay seeks story pitches on socio-environmental issues

Press Agency mongabay is looking for paper proposals on socio-environmental issues in Brazil to develop with their team of English and Portuguese editors.

Mongabay’s story pitches aim to raise awareness of socio-environmental issues.

Proposals should address topics such as conservation activities with a focus on the Amazon and Cerrado biomes, deforestation and forest degradation, agribusiness, indigenous peoples, quilombos, traditional rural communities and the Brazilian landless movement, wildlife, biodiversity, etc.


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Environmental journalists can submit their presentations in Portuguese or English.

The curation says each story will be between 800 and 2,000 words and include quotes from at least three original interviews.

Authors will be required to provide five to ten publishable photos free of charge for Mongabay’s use to accompany their articles, along with captions and photo credits.

Mongabay welcomes submissions for articles and video stories.

Submissions should include a detailed argument, potential sources and examples of previous work.

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Mongabay will negotiate all fees and contracts on a per story basis. Completed articles will be paid by the word or on a flat rate basis, with rates depending primarily on the reporter’s experience.

Pitches are accepted on a rolling basis. The application is ongoing, interested candidates can apply here.