Montrose Environmental: Ransomware Attack Issue Report – Form 8-K

Montrose Environmental Group releases statement on ransomware attack

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-June 14, 2022–Over the past weekend, Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. (NYSE: MEG) determined that it was the target of an organized ransomware attack. Based on the information currently available to us, we believe the incident primarily affected computers and servers in our network of enthalpy analysis labs. Factual patterns of this attack, along with information from law enforcement and independent cybersecurity experts, lead us to believe that this attack was carried out by highly sophisticated malicious actors.

Upon discovery of the attack, we took immediate action, suspending all affected systems, notifying law enforcement, and activating the company’s global network of IT professionals and recovery protocols and data continuity, and engaging third-party experts to begin to remedy the situation. Based on the information available to us at this time, we do not believe our backup data and cloud-based business systems, including email, have been affected, and we are actively working to restore affected systems as soon as possible.

The full investigation and resolution of this incident will take time, and we anticipate that some lab results within our Enthalpy business will be delayed. However, we do not currently anticipate any major disruption to our other services and are in the process of notifying customers as appropriate of any delays or impacts due to the attack. If the investigation identifies any access or other impacts to third party data or information, we will notify the relevant third parties and appropriate regulatory agencies.

Although we anticipate limited impact and rapid recovery from the attack, we are closely monitoring our networks with third-party security experts, and circumstances may change as we learn more about the incident. We sincerely apologize to customers of our laboratories and sites who have been or may be impacted by the consequences of this sophisticated cyber-attack.

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