World Environmental Education Day – January 26

World Environmental Education Day is celebrated every January 26 since 1975. Its main objective is emphasize the importance of environmental education as a scientific discipline. Also for to raise awareness on the need to act actively protect the planet and mitigate human-caused impacts on climate change.

It was first held in 1975 when the United Nations International Workshop on Environmental Education was held in Belgrade. It was followed by the environment experts from countries around the world.

The result of this meeting of United Nations experts was the publication of the Belgrade Charter. It is a document containing the main requirements of environmental education whose objectives are: to develop a world population aware and concerned about the environment and the problems associated with it, and who possess the knowledge, skills , attitudes, motivations and commitment to work individually and collectively to find solutions to current problems and prevent new ones.

We all need working together for a sustainable industry and work with determination to reduce polluting emissions and waste. In this direction, awareness, technological innovation and the circular economy are essential aspects of preserving the environment and human health.